Making Wedding Candles On Your Own

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So in this post, I will try and give you an idea (some suggestions) on how to make a wedding decoration, using a candle and some other interesting decorating items (that I will talk about shortly.) Put on your DIY helmet and let’s do this!

What you will need to make your wedding candle, is a┬ápillar candle, a strip of race and a a selection ribbons. Ribbons come in a variety of different finishes. So I’ve got a white satin ribbon, a skinning second ribbon and some organza ribbon. You can pick any color that you like – work with various shades. What we are going to do is secure the candles using a hot glue gun. Hot glue is a fast way to keep decorations together securely.

So the first thing we want to do is put the candle on top of the lace, and start rapping the lace all around. What I’m going to do is use a few dabs of glue just to secure it in place. You are going to need to leave it for a few minutes (to dry.) Now we need to start working on the ribbons. The easiest way to do is to lay the largest ribbon down flat, then the next ribbon will go on top of it and finally the thinnest one will be placed on the top. Once that is done, make sure you take your glue gun and you start gluing them in place (one ribbon at a time.) Also you want to make sure that the you place small glue spots on the ribbons (to not make a mess and make it more complicated for you.) Then just work your way across the ribbons with these small spots of glue that you will use. So that is just going to hold all the ribbons in place so that you get a nice light effect. Then take the center part of the ribbon and press it in place on the candle.

Because these materials are so slippery and peculiar to hold on to, make sure you get a nice grip and you just make the first knot. Then make sure you tie these all together. Make a few loops and imitate the way you tie your shoe laces (maybe.) It’s just a practice thing – you will only get good once you get frequent. After that is done, you need to figure out how to cut the ribbon ends. One way is to fold the ribbon in half and then make a diagonal snip up the ribbons. So you’ve got the folder on one side and the scissors on the other and you just make the snips and form it anyway you like. Many people will not fold it in half, but rather just cut the ends off. Anyway that works best for you, will do!

So just like that, you learned how easy it is to create a very attractive and special wedding candle: good enough not only for your wedding day, but also to decorate your new home and have something special to remind you of the wedding. Who said you need to pay a lot of money on expensive wedding agencies? As soon as you get good at creating these candles, you can outsource it to relatives. I mean the least they can do is help you out with the candles, isn’t that right? After all candles are done, make sure you check each knot on the ribbons separately so that no mistakes have been made. Don’t worry about being to obsessive about this: it’s your wedding day and everything should be perfect. In fact, whoever’s candle is messed up, don’t invite them to the wedding (kidding of course.) The point I’m trying to make is that there are many small mistakes that can take place while you are placing the ribbons around the candle. So make sure you know what you are doing.

Ask me anything! And of course come back for more tips and ideas on wedding candles.

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