Our Purpose?

There always needs to be a purpose huh? Why can’t for once in your lives go on to a page without a purpose? Just a random one.

Well, okay then…we’ll give you a purpose for reading our blogs. First of all, as you probably noticed I am referring to myself as “we.” No I’m not delusional to think I am “many” and luckily, I haven’t lost my mind yet. Well, perhaps I have, but in any case, there are so many people that are going to be posting on this blog site. People that have a true passion for candles but more specifically: wedding candles. We want people that understand the candle industry and understand the different sense it offers the people around it.

So our purpose is to make sure everyone gets educated, before that wedding day strikes, on the different available candles you can use for your wedding, plus the candles that will perform the best and offer the greatest romantic evening.

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