Our second and most exciting article!

Yes, excitement seems to be the theme of the day. We have been trying to launch our site for quite some time now, so achieving this is like a huge milestone for us. No, we are not working on a deadline or set budget. In fact, we don’t even make money off this. We just enjoy helping couples prepare for their special wedding day that they will so much remember for years to come. And because it is an event they will remember for so long, we want to make sure it is as perfect as it gets. So in other words, our deadline is your wedding day. Think of how many couples get married every single day. If we can reach someone before disaster strikes, then we have done our job.

How do we find the time to do this you say?

Well, we all have professional lives of our own (you guessed it: candle industry) but we also love what we do so dearly. So it is more of a hobby for us. Plus we get to meet with some pretty interesting people. Don’t you think that is worth the time we are putting into this? Just to make it clear (and this was mentioned before) we are not going to be spamming you with offers and promotions nor is this an affiliate site. In fact, we are so naive that we didn’t even think of ways to monetize the site. That is because we want to keep it strictly as a hobby, and not professional. Advice should be offered freely to others when they need it but most importantly want it. So why shouldn’t we help out as much as possible. If we save 1 wedding from a bad candle disaster, then there is definitely a purpose in what we do.

So getting back to the time question I am sure everyone has on their mind, we are a team of 10 different people that will be posting. So if you think about it, it isn’t that much work for each person individually. Whenever we have to say something of value, we will. But whenever it’s just going to be junk and zero value, we will then shut our pie holes.

At the time of this article, we are almost near spring. Ah! The great season where the birds start singing and romance strikers in the air. I think it isn’t a coincidence that many weddings take place in the spring. I mean sure, you got some people with bad taste that get married in the fall. But that is because they don’t understand what romance is. All my relatives so far, have mostly gotten married during the spring months (March and April seem to be the big winners in my case.) So I guess this site has been launched right in time – now that everyone will be searching on Google for a bunch of answers they probably will never get. Well, this is one source and we sure invite you all to address those questions. My vision, is to have a group of people constantly reading our blogs, so by the time their wedding comes up, they have most (if not all) their wedding questions answered.

Just because this is a wedding candle site, that doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about other topics. Because of our line of work, we happen to interact with other people in different parts of the wedding industry (let’s call it that.) So any question you have in terms of weddings (even if it’s what should you select as your wedding dress,) we are here for you. Join the family sister! And men, don’t be shy. You are welcome here also. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make things as special as possible, while pleasing your to be, wife. In fact, if both of you can reach out to us, we would love that. Heck, we may even do a Skype call and meet you! Wow, I’m already so excited about that. Can’t wait!

Shoot those messages over and we will be preparing very soon our next articles, that I believe, are just going to blow you away and solve so many questions that are floating around in your brain right now.



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