Welcome to Wedding Candle

I think it’s pretty self explanatory…I mean the subject around this site will spin. Wedding Candles but most importantly: Your wedding candles!

I know you are probably thinking: gee, just another candle. But in fact these are not! These are the finest Egyptian made candles you will find in the world. This is more of a forum to discuss our tastes on candles. I know wedding season is approaching, so if a bride (or groom – you are welcome too) feels like she doesn’t have any idea where to start, this is one good place.

Building a community that is obsessed and fascinated with candles is my goal. I want people to breathe and live candles and share their personal experiences. Aromatic candles are the best I think! I mean if no aroma is in the air, you are better off lighting a torch, right? (kidding)

So yeah, definitely stay tuned to what will be presented to you in the upcoming days. In fact we might as well make another post today, just for the sake of it. So keep an eye out!

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